(Posted July 5, 2023) The second quarter is in the books, so it’s time to check on how our big guys and little guys are doing at Ninth and Franklin. I count four victories for our Davids and seven for our Goliaths in published and unpublished rulings from the Supreme Court of Virginia. That gives us a quarterly D-GI of 36/64 and an aggregate for the year of 38/62 (six wins for David and ten for Goliath).

If you’ve followed the D-GI in the past few years, you’ll note that David is doing quite well in comparison with his recent dismal showings. I encourage you not to rush to judgment; the court’s output this year has been tiny, so it’s difficult to call 16 decisions in half a year a statistically meaningful sample size.

As I reported here recently, the rest of the year promises very few merits decisions. I expect roughly 15 opinions and unpubs, at most – and maybe closer to nine or ten – between now and the end of December, and some of those won’t feature a David/Goliath dynamic. This will probably be the smallest set of merits decisions in all the years for which I have records. And that goes back to the early 1950s.