[Posted September 21, 2010] I’ll be leaving shortly to head up to The Holy City for a couple of things, including the investiture of Judge Keenan at the Fourth Circuit this afternoon, so I won’t be able to post immediate analysis of today’s published opinions out of the Court of Appeals of Virginia. As of the time I’m preparing this post, there are no published opinions from today on the court’s website. Assuming the court issues any such opinions today, I’ll have analysis of those decisions tomorrow. [Supplemental note, September 22: The CAV issued no published opinions yesterday.]

In the meantime, last week’s Supreme Court opinion day has reminded me to express my gratitude to my readers, not merely for the kind words I get from you when we speak, but for the interest you have shown in this website. While opinion days are always my busiest days of the year, they’re also particularly gratifying in terms of the traffic I see on the site. On a normal weekday, I average about 4,000 hits, but on opinion days, that figure routinely jumps to the 10,000 range, and remains elevated for a few days before leveling off. I had no idea when I launched this site in 2005 that I’d ever see that kind of growth, and I greatly appreciate the fact that so many of you find this site useful to your practices.