[Posted August 19, 2009] I learned today that my cyber-colleague at Have Opinion, Will Travel has once again decided to close up shop. I am extraordinarily sorry to learn about this decision, especially because this site was a rare opportunity to hear from the other side of the lectern. The fact that HOWT also possessed a sense of humor (a quality I esteem highly) only makes me feel the loss more deeply.

HOWT closed his laptop once before, back in June 2006, but returned after a hiatus, probably because he missed the experience of blogging (and the freedom that comes with making anonymous comments). I’ll miss the inside stories about preposterous goof-ups by appellate litigants, and the wry commentary about law and society.

Back in ’06, when I reported the initial demise of the site, I made an offer to him that I’ll repeat here: If you want to write something that will be of interest to my audience, send it to me and I’ll be very pleased to post it for you. And I guarantee to preserve your secret identity.

Happy trails.