[Posted January 21, 2015] The General Assembly has elected Court of Appeals Judge Arthur Kelsey to a seat on the Supreme Court of Virginia. According to this story from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the vote was unanimous. Judge Kelsey received very high ratings from statewide bar groups and enjoyed broad legislative support for the new position, which arose as a result of Chief Justice Cynthia Kinser’s retirement at the end of last year.

I don’t have details on a date for an investiture, but the effective date for the election is February 1. I’m confident that the court’s newest member will be installed and fully up to speed when the Supreme Court’s next session begins on February 23.

The General Assembly also filled three vacancies on the Court of Appeals, including one that arose from Judge Kelsey’s elevation to the SCV. Judges Mary Grace O’Brien and Rick AtLee, Jr. and Richmond attorney Wes Russell have been selected to begin new terms on the court, also effective February 1.