(Posted June 12, 2024) Mid-June is here, and that means that SCOTUS is sandpapering the rough edges off opinions in its high-profile cases from October Term 2023. The Court traditionally clears its docket by approximately the end of June, though it peeked into July during pandemic times.

With just eleven more court days between now and the end of the month, and nearly half of the OT’23 appeals still undecided, courtwatchers will have plenty to anticipate. The next decisions will arrive tomorrow and Friday, June 13-14. While the Court hasn’t announced future opinion release dates yet, I expect to see them on the next two Thursdays, June 20 and 27, plus a smattering of additional days that we can’t predict now.

While I don’t normally cover decisions by Those Other Robes, I may offer analysis of one or two of the bigger decisions still to come. There’s plenty to choose from with multiple appeals on abortion, guns, and administrative law (sexier than the usual admin-law cases). The Court also faces tough choices in cases involving bankruptcy law, environmental protections, and localities’ efforts to address homelessness. There’s also that little question whether the President is above the criminal law. It won’t be a slow news month.

As usual, I’ll send you over to the good folks at SCOTUSblog for fuller treatment than I can provide of the Supreme Court of the United States. This time won’t be an exception, though SCOTUSblog has suffered from staff cuts this year and their coverage isn’t as robust as it has been in past years. Meanwhile, I’ll check the wire as usual tomorrow for any new decisions that may arrive from Ninth and Franklin. Hope to see you, if only metaphorically, then.