I really don’t want to post this, on the assumption that if I ignore it, it will turn out not to be true. I realize that this is the ostrich approach, but lacking any other means of dealing with it, well, . . .

One of the finest appellate bloggers anywhere is hanging up his spurs. The author of Have Opinion, Will Travel , an anonymous appellate jurist “somewhere in the southeastern United States,” announced on his site yesterday that, due to the crush of an increasing caseload, together with a dizzying array of additional responsibilities, he is going to end his blog. This coincides with the end of the hockey season yesterday, leaving me to deal with two losses (well, at least the Hurricanes won , so that’s not a complete loss).

HOWT has graced the ether for about a year now, offering wry commentary, hilarious interjections from the world of law, and priceless tidbits of advice from the perspective of the appellate jurist. It was always a top-notch read, one of my very favorites, and there is nothing around to replace it.

I recognize the futility of asking an appellate judge to change his mind; the rejection rate on petitions for rehearing is astronomical. Nevertheless, in order to do something for the betterment of the appellate blogosphere, I make this offer: HOWT, wherever you are out there, you will always be welcome to submit copy for publication here. I will be quite happy to give a voice to your musings on appellate advocacy, or life in general. This way you get to exercise your muse without the responsibility of having to maintain a site on your own. (Just don’t try it on Supreme Court opinion day; I’m booked.)

As for you, my readers, assuming he takes me up on this offer, the one thing you will never get out of me is HOWT’s secret identity.